Scheana Shay revealed why she ended getting Botox

Reality TV star Scheana Shay, known for her role in Vanderpump Rules, recently discussed why she ended up getting Botox on her Scheananigans podcast. She revealed that advice from casting directors for The CW’s 90210 spinoff series played a role in her decision. She said, “They told me that for Disney, my facial expression was great. But for a more dramatic type of role, that I needed to learn how to control my eyebrows,”.

Shay began getting Botox around ages 24 or 25 to achieve a “resting bitch face” for interviews. Although she initially wanted her face to stay still, she realized she needed to manage her expressions. Eventually finding success on Vanderpump Rules.

Shay is now a mother to a 2-year-old daughter. She and her husband, Brock Davies, enjoy seeing their daughter’s unique personality develop.