Shah Rukh Khan’s Fans Go All Out for ‘Jawan’ Promotion Blitz

The anticipation surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film “Jawan” has reached an all-time high, with fans eagerly awaiting its release. To fuel the excitement, SRK’s Warriors FAN Club has embarked on a promotional frenzy, going above and beyond what fans have seen for his previous release, “Pathaan.”

Javed Shaikh, the founder of the Shah Rukh Khan Warriors FAN Club, provided an exclusive insight into their ambitious promotional campaign. He revealed, “Last time, we put up 20,000 posters. This time, our goal is to display 50,000 posters across 50 cities. On August 15th, we combined charity efforts with promotions in over 30 cities, distributing food to the underprivileged and providing notebooks to students.”

One remarkable gesture from the fans was the decision by Taha Jilani and several others to shave their heads to replicate SRK’s bald look in “Jawan.” Taha shared, “We were so excited when we saw Shah Rukh Khan’s bald look in the ‘Jawan’ preview that four to five of us from the fan club, including me, decided to go bald. Later, six to seven more fans were inspired and shaved their heads!”

Speaking about public reactions to their bald look, Taha added, “People see a deep passion for Khan Saab in us. It’s fun to roam the city with this look and put up posters. Even bystanders enjoy watching us.”

Furthermore, the group is leaving no stone unturned in their promotional efforts. Javed proudly asserted, “I guarantee you that what we do for Khan Saab, and to this extent, no one else can match. Some people often speculate that we must have sponsors or it’s a paid activity, but that’s not true. We fund everything ourselves because our love for Khan Saab is unmatched.”

SRK Universe, the largest Shah Rukh Khan fan club co-founded by Yash Paryani, has equally ambitious plans. Yash revealed, “For ‘Pathaan,’ we organized events and screenings in 200 cities. This time, we’ve gone beyond that number, with screenings planned in over 300 cities and counting. We’ve identified major cinemas, even in smaller towns, for our events.”

Fans are sparing no expense to ensure the success of their promotional campaign. Yash shared, “We’ve ordered lion rings, T-shirts, pants, masks, and other special merchandise. Our fan clubs have branches in 60 countries, so the celebrations will extend to foreign countries as well.”

Despite the challenges faced during the promotion of “Pathaan,” including poster vandalism by some groups, the fans are determined to make “Jawan” a massive success. Mizan Sayani recounted their previous experience, stating, “We faced some issues during ‘Pathaan,’ with posters being torn down in Ahmedabad. However, the first-day first show was a grand success, and media coverage declared ‘Shah Rukh’s fans overwhelmed Bajrang Dal.'”

Fortunately, the promotion of “Jawan” has encountered no such problems, and fans are going all out to ensure its success. Yash Paryani added, “With ‘Jawan,’ there’s zero problem. We don’t know if such a film will ever come again, so we are going all out.”

“Jawan,” a Red Chillies Entertainment presentation directed by Atlee and produced by Gauri Khan, is set to release in theaters worldwide on September 7th, 2023, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.