Shehzad Roy, Sajal Ali and Mehwish Hayat to play lead roles in ‘Alif Noon’ remake

As the new year begins, Pakistani film industry is all set to make a grand comeback with new hopes and aspirations. A wave of new producers and directors have entered the scene, injecting new vigor into the cinematic landscape.

Versatile veterans like Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Faryal Mehmood, Yamuna Zaidi, Fawad Khan and Gauhar Rashid are gearing up for the film’s release, raising anticipation in the industry. Renowned social activist and singer Shehzad Roy is also making a splash, promising an exciting cinematic lineup with actresses Mehwish Hayat and Sajal Ali.

Contributing to the cinematic spectacle, Roy’s film ‘Alpha Noon’ is all set to enthrall the audience this year. Directed by Faisal Qureshi, who previously helmed the success ‘Money Back Guarantee’, the film assembles a powerhouse trio. Taking inspiration from the acclaimed 1965 comedy television series on Pakistan Television, written by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, the film promises to offer a blend of humor and intrigue.

Rafi Khawar played the role of Nanha and Kamal Ahmed Rizvi played the role of Alan in the iconic television series. Each episode intricately weaves the story of ‘Alan’, who is portrayed as a shrewd and business-minded man who adopts unethical tactics to amass quick wealth. His partner in these plans was ‘Nanha’, a character who became an instant hit with the audience.

Notably, the film was originally scheduled to release in 2022 but has now been delayed and is set to enthrall the audiences in 2024.

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