Sindhu Education Society Introduces Compulsory Sex Education Inspired by Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2

In a groundbreaking step influenced by the thought-provoking theme of Akshay Kumar’s latest release, “OMG 2,” the Sindhu Education Society in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, has become the first educational institution in the state to introduce sex education as a mandatory subject in its curriculum.

The announcement followed a special screening of the film, where director Amit Rai discussed the significance of sex education with educators, administrators, and legislators. The film, starring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, emphasizes open conversations about sexual health, relationships, and challenging societal taboos.

After attending the screening, the Sindhu Education Society decided to incorporate sex education into its syllabus. Amit Rai expressed his joy at the society’s decision, stating that the film’s goal of creating positive societal change had been achieved.

“OMG 2,” released on August 11, features Pankaj Tripathi as a follower of Lord Shiva and Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva’s messenger. Yami Gautam plays a lawyer’s role. Although aimed at teenagers, the film faced censor board cuts and ultimately received an A certificate. The decision to classify it as adult content sparked controversy.

This initiative by the Sindhu Education Society demonstrates the impact of films in sparking important discussions and influencing positive changes in society.