Sonya Hussain wrote a letter to herself, embraced self-love and gratitude

Pakistani actress Sonya Hussain has the best therapy when it comes to loving yourself.

The acclaimed artist is known for his versatility and impeccable acting skills, with several critical and commercial blockbuster films and television drama serials to his credit. But more than his on-screen charisma, it is his social media presence that makes more noise. From his unforgettable portrayal of a boxer from Lyari Dalal His compelling roles in acclaimed plays such as Such is the loneliness, soothe me, I drink green. And whom do i wantHussain has proved his acting ability time and again.

In a recent Instagram post, Hussain gave his fans a visual gift and wrote a letter to himself with important lessons. Sharing a set of candid photos of herself having breakfast, Hussain wrote a sweet, heartfelt letter to herself, where she talked about self-love and “embracing gratitude.”

“A letter to myself,” Starr began writing.

“Dear me,” Hussain began. “Love yourself a little more each day, because you deserve all the happiness in the world. Fill your heart with the warmth of fulfilling your dreams.”

She further wrote, “Express gratitude for the beautiful people and blessings you have around you and be proud of the remarkable person you are.”

He continued, “My dear, you are my shining star, and in this vast universe, you have chosen to ‘love’ while painting your own vibrant rainbow.”

“So, always remember to celebrate the remarkable soul that you are,” she concluded.

Talking about acting, Hussain was recently seen How many falls are left, Meri Guriya, Aangan, Ishq Jahe Naseeb, Love Tujhe Alvida, Sarab, Mor Mohraan, Siwaiyan, Dil Slipa Re, Tinke Ka SaharaAnd Not without you.

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