Dead Cells: Netflix Edition | Official Game Trailer | Netflix

Give Dead Cells: Netflix Edition a try on your phone or tablet. You can only play it on Netflix You’re like a blob of icky, not-quite-alive stuff. Your job is to find a body, discover hidden stuff, and beat the big bosses so you can get out of a spooky castle. If you get squished, … Read more

Storyteller | Official Game Trailer | Netflix

“Storyteller” is your chance to become the ultimate storyteller. Imagine you’re crafting your own fairy tales, but with a twist. Instead of a traditional book, you’ll use a fun and interactive puzzle game. Here’s how it works: Drag and drop your favorite fairy-tale characters onto the digital page, and watch as your story unfolds in … Read more

Ghost Detective | Official Game Trailer | Netflix

Ghost Detective: Imagine this: you’re a detective who meets an untimely end while on the job. But here’s the twist – you return as a ghost with a mission. Your task is crystal clear: uncover hidden objects and crack puzzles to apprehend your very own murderer. Experience the intrigue of “Ghost Detective” on your mobile … Read more