The Queen Mary | Horror Film | Official Trailer

In the spine-chilling world of Horror Hollywood, “The Queen Mary” emerges as a captivating nightmare under the expert guidance of director Gary Shore. Alice Eve and Joel Fry lead the charge in the main roles, immersing the audience in a gripping tale of terror and suspense.

While the haunting melody that accompanies the film remains shrouded in mystery with an unknown composer, the production prowess of Brett Tomberlin, Thorsten Schumacher, Lars Sylvest, Nigel Sinclair, and Nicholas Ferrall brings this eerie tale to life in collaboration with Imagination Design Works, Rocket Science, and White Horse Pictures. Brace yourself for an unnerving journey aboard the haunted ship, where horrors lurk in every shadow and malevolence lies in wait around every corner.

Release Date: All set to release in theaters on 19 Aug 2023.

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The Queen Mary | Official Trailer