TV anchor Iqrarul Hasan’s house attacked in Lahore

LAHORE – In a shocking turn of events, the residence of well-known TV anchor Iqrar Ul Hasan in Lahore was targeted in firing.

The incident came to light early on Friday, when several bullets were fired at Hasan’s residence, causing widespread panic in the neighbourhood.

Eyewitnesses recalled the horrific experience and gave vivid accounts of the attackers fleeing rapidly after the attack. Law enforcement agencies wasted no time in responding and started investigating the matter immediately.

Thankfully, initial reports brought relief as they confirmed that no injuries or deaths resulted from the attack.

Remarkably, this was not an isolated incident. Hassan revealed a similar incident that happened just a few days ago, following which he was forced to formally lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities.

During the investigation, officials found 9 mm bullet casings around Hasan’s residence.

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