UNTOLD: Johnny Football | Official Teaser | Netflix

UNTOLD: Johnny Football: In 2012, an undersized freshman quarterback at Texas A&M emerged as the brightest star in the sports realm. He was known as “Johnny Football,” showcasing his fervor on the field and embracing a lively off-field lifestyle. The magnetic charisma of this football player captivated the entire nation. Initially embracing his alter ego, he reveled in the attention. However, as money poured in, the level of scrutiny escalated.

Amidst the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs, Manziel found himself grappling with his newfound fame and losing his sense of direction. In a remarkably candid account, Manziel, along with his family, coaches, former best friend, and agent, unveils the untold story of the behind-the-scenes events. Scandals piled up, creating a controversial path for him. Yet, Manziel’s journey continued as he sought something deeper: inner peace and happiness. His pursuit led him to a quieter life, a quest he openly shares in these pages.

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UNTOLD: Johnny Football | Official Teaser | Netflix

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