US CENTCOM commander confident of Pakistan’s nuclear security procedures

WASHINGTON – The United States army has again reaffirmed its confidence in Islamabad’s ability to secure its nuclear arsenal as the country is facing economic and political turmoil which worsened in recent times.

The nuclear capabilities of South Asian nation are said to be the safest in the region, and recent assurance came from Pakistan’s strategic ally the US. In his testimony before the US Senate Armed Services Committee, Central Command’s General Micheal Kurilla said he is confident in Pakistan’s nuclear security procedures when asked about the nuclear programme was secure against the backdrop of ongoing political instability and economic crisis.

General Micheal Kurilla, who recently visited Pakistan and interacted with the country’s top military leader, said he deals with the military relationship with his Pakistani counterpart, opening up about having good ties with the Chief of the Army Staff, General Asim Munir.

He however flagged financial woes, political quagmire, and the counterterrorism situation as challenges.

Earlier, Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Office maintained that the country’s nuclear and missile programme is a national asset, “Complete programme is totally secure, foolproof and under no stress or pressure, whatsoever. It continues to fully serve the purpose for which this capability was developed,” the official statement said.

The PM office issued a statement after recent press releases, queries and various assertions regarding Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programme, including the IAEA DG’s routine visit.