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When you work with multiple branches, sooner or later you will experience a git merge conflict. Usually, git is smart enough to merge changes from different branches, but when more than one person makes other changes in exactly the same place, git needs a decision from a human.

Why is this important?

Merge conflicts can be a little bit scary at the beginning. However, they are a natural consequence of working with a team. There is a big chance that you will experience merge conflicts during the group projects at Microverse and also in your future job. Therefore, it’s time to prepare for that!

Learn more about git conflicts

Make sure that you understand when conflicts may appear and how to solve them:

  • Read GitHub’s official documentation about merge conflicts.
  • As mentioned in the above article, you can solve conflicts on GitHub or on the command line. It would be best if you learned the command line way because GitHub UI won’t be an option in the case of more complex conflicts.
  • See the entire project in action – watch the video How to resolve merge conflicts in git by Ihatetomatoes.
  • Finish by skimming through the Git merge conflicts tutorial by Atlassian.
    • Note: You do not need to follow this tutorial’s steps. In the upcoming exercise, you will practice git conflicts.