Watch – Saboor Ali made a mistake in the New Year reel, netizens came to correct it

With the arrival of 2024, billions of people around the world are leaving all the burdens behind and moving forward in their lives, trying to better themselves and setting resolutions to achieve this year.

Among these billions of people is the shining star of Pakistani entertainment world, Saboor Ali, who informed his loyal fans about the first page of his year-long diary. Moving on to the next chapter of life spirit The star made sure that her die-hard fans stay with her in a year of strength, prosperity and happiness. But one small mistake caught the attention of odd-eyed users, who wasted no time in correcting it!

Taking to Instagram, bunty i love you The diva shared a reel with her massive 4.6 million fans. The reel shows the starlet wearing a bold red lip and a zebra print dress as she posed for the camera and strolled down the hallway.

“Page 1 of 365,” wrote Parizaad Star in the caption. However, Ellie made an honest mistake which was quickly corrected by social media users. Instead of writing ‘366’, Ellie accidentally wrote “365”, which netizens pointed out that the year 2024 is a leap year which means it will have an extra day – February 29.

Sister of Pakistani actress Sajal Ali, Saboor started her acting career at a young age with a small role in little story, Sheh, finally, emerged with fame Malkain of Mahmudabad, On the work front, Ellie was recently seen Nanu and I, Fitrat, bid farewell to me, Parizaad, Amanat, Nehar, Mushkil, And sir-e-rah,