What makes Saba Qamar ‘good’? Kamli star revealed in latest video

When it comes to choosing one don’t panic And KamliSaba Qamar is faced with a dilemma about choosing between her “children”.

Acclaimed Pakistani actress, Qamar, whose illustrious career speaks volumes, was recently seen answering quick questions about her contemporaries, advice and favorite works.

In response to a question she asked which film she would choose if given a choice don’t panic And Kamli“You can’t choose between your children,” Qamar said, leaving the question fittingly unanswered as his impeccable acting skills in both cinematic masterpieces have been a great contribution to the film industry in Pakistan.

In another instance, Qamar was seen taking the names of Iqra Aziz, Mehwish Hayat, Sajal Ali and Yumna Zaidi and saying that if these actresses were combined, there would be a “good SQ”. [Saba Qamar] can be made.”

In another shot, hindi medium The star advised viewers and colleagues to never perform and host an event together.

On the professional front, Qamar was recently seen Rebel, Manto, Cheek, Fraud, Sir-e-Rah, Crime, And in the name of your beauty, she will be seen next time Serial killer.