Who is Erin Carter? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Erin Carter?: Step into the extraordinary world of Erin, a seemingly ordinary woman living the expat dream in Spain as a devoted mother, wife, and teacher. However, an unexpected twist unravels her true persona when a supermarket robbery exposes her as an incredible and skilled fighter. As the veil of her facade begins to slip, questions arise about who she truly is and the secrets she conceals.

In a gripping tale of deception and self-preservation, Erin’s determination to keep her true identity hidden leads her down a perilous path. How far will she go to protect her secrets and the life she has carefully crafted? The journey to uncover the truth unveils a thrilling narrative of intrigue, danger, and the lengths one will endure to shield their past from the present.

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Who is Erin Carter? | Official Trailer | Netflix

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