Writing professional messages in English

Writing professional messages in English
Writing professional messages in English

The purpose of this article is to teach you to draft professional emails, because everytime you communicate in a professional setting, you are making a professional impression.

Why is writing professional messages in English important?

Professional emails offer an efficient way to handle important communications in the workplace. You might write an email to follow-up after an interview, respond to a job offer or connect with clients. Understanding how to draft professional emails allows you to confidently write competent and effective messages.

You will start practicing by sending professional emails any time you want to communicate with the Microverse team. Let’s dive into what a professional email is, and what they look like.

Professional emails

A professional email is any communication you make when writing to someone in a professional setting, such as sending a Zendesk ticket to the Microverse’ Student Success team. These letters should have a standard format and a professional tone. Focus on using the concise language for professional emails as the recipient might have several communications to work through each day. Writing clear messages also improves your communication skills. Professional emails are brief and efficient, including all pertinent information, keeping both parties focused on the task. Use the link below to learn more about professional emails and practice how to craft them.

How to write professional emails (with templates)

Why Writing is Important in Technical Jobs

Here at Techopedi, learning to code is your primary focus. It’s your technical skills that will get you your first job and allow you to do what is asked of you. But other “soft” skills will help you be successful in your job, including writing. You must be able to not only write code, but communicate clearly when you have questions or run into problems, and with modern workplaces—especially remote ones—much of this communication happens with writing.

How to Write Better

For a taste of the wealth of knowledge available on the Internet to improve your professional writing, watch the following video. Take notes of the advice while you are watching so you can use the video for the final writing assignment.