Yumna Zaidi’s look for the premiere night of Nayaab

Pakistani actress Yumna Zaidi is all set and ready for this unique – His first film in Pakistani entertainment world.

In this cinematic venture, Zaidi plays the lead role of Nayaab, a Karachiite who has a hunger for cricket but is constrained by social pressure and limited opportunities.

In preparation for his role, the 33-year-old dedicated a lot of time to studying the game, understanding its rules and immersing himself in the nuances of cricket.

From improving his batting and bowling techniques to understanding the intricacies of field placement and match strategies, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to acquiring the necessary skills.

Directed by Umair Nasir Ali, the film promises to be an intriguing tale that blends a girl’s cricketing aspirations, her brother’s past and the family’s intense journey, offering a relatable coming of age story.

Moving on to the picture-sharing app, Withou you Famous actress shared her charming look uniquePremiere night of.

“Get ready and go for ‘Nayaab’,” Zaidi wrote on Instagram along with a set of pictures.

“Smiling for the big day, premiere night of Unsurpassed”. gifts of love the star shared enthusiastically.

Zaidi asked his fans, “Wish me good luck.”

unique Scheduled to release on January 26, 2024.

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