Ayesha Omar underwent collarbone surgery

Leading Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar took to Instagram on Thursday to give her fans and followers an important update.

The talented artist shared that he recently had collarbone surgery, which was a result of an injury he sustained in a tragic traffic accident eight years ago.

Elaborating on his journey, Umar revealed that despite undergoing numerous treatments and therapy sessions over the years, his collarbone failed to heal properly, resulting in constant discomfort and complications. With determination and resilience, she ultimately opted for surgery to resolve the problem.

The surgery, performed on March 12, was described as complex and lasted three hours due to the complexity of the procedure.

Omar revealed that her broken bones were entangled in tissue and muscle, requiring a titanium plate, bone grafting from her left hip bone, and screws for stabilization.

Expressing gratitude for the successful surgery in her Instagram post, she stressed the importance of physical healing for emotional and spiritual well-being.

Omar also outlined her plans for a recovery period, which could extend up to four months, during which she will avoid traveling and working on camera.

Omar, who is on her third day in the hospital after surgery, is hoping to return home soon to begin her healing journey. Despite the challenges ahead, she maintains optimism and looks forward to focusing on her music, creative projects and brand ventures during this period of recovery.