Gigi Hadid Shares Adorable Throwback Pic to Honor Blake Lively’s 36th Birthday

Gigi Hadid, aged 28, poured out her affection for Blake Lively on the occasion of the Gossip Girl star’s 36th birthday. Taking to her Instagram story, the model shared a delightful throwback snapshot capturing a moment of camaraderie between the two. The picture seems to be from Blake’s kitchen, during her pregnancy with her third child, Betty, now 3. Blake’s baby bump was prominently showcased as she donned a black dress, while Gigi was captured at the kitchen table, enjoying a mug.

Playfully overlaying the image, Gigi wrote, “Pretty sure this pic is before her (our) baby number 1 but I just love it bc I still feel like the baby of the group.” She went on to express her deep admiration for Blake’s qualities, describing her as a “magical friend and mamma” who exudes warmth, wit, thoughtfulness, talent, and undeniable charm.

Gigi Hadid Instagram Story
Gigi Hadid Instagram Story

In a humorous and endearing tone, Gigi continued, “Ur made of all the good stuff like rainbow sprinkles and butter and bourbon whipped creme. And lobster salad. Lots of lobster salad.” The heartfelt message concluded with Gigi extending her best wishes to Blake for the upcoming year, signing off with “u know ily!”

Blake Lively reciprocated the sentiment by reposting the adorable snapshot and playfully correcting the context of the photo. She clarified that the picture was indeed taken before her third baby, rather than her first, engaging in the kind of friendly banter that only true companions share. Blake humorously referenced “coparenting” with Gigi, stating that co-parenting with her, whether officially or not, remains one of her life’s greatest joys.

Blake also fondly addressed Gigi as “mama, sister, friend,” recognizing her role as a mother to her daughter Khai, who is almost 3 years old. The camaraderie between Gigi and Blake spans almost a decade, likely forged through their mutual connection to Taylor Swift, their shared close friend. The trio of friends, often referred to as Taylor’s “girl squad,” has supported each other through various phases, including Taylor’s recent split from Joe Alwyn. Gigi and Blake also demonstrated their unwavering support by attending Taylor’s sold-out Eras Tour concerts in different cities.