Inside Arsalan Faisal’s dreamy wedding ceremony

Arsalan Faisal, a shining figure in the world of Pakistani modeling and acting, has graced the screen in many acclaimed dramas like “Shehnai,” “Rishtey Bikte Hain,” “Hassaad,” “Bedardi,” “Babban Khala Ki.” Betiyon,” “Dastar-e-Ana,” “Bohtan,” “Aangan,” “Main Mehru Hoon,” and “Be Khudi.” Recognized not only for his talent but also as the son of the respected Saba Faisal Arsalan started a new chapter in his life with the celebration of his wedding in Lahore.

The celebration which started with joyous Dholki and Mayun/Mehendi programs created a unique attraction. Saba Faisal organized a beautiful and simple Ubtan/Mayun ceremony at home reflecting the essence of family warmth. Pictures from these events quickly went viral, offering a glimpse of the cultural richness of the festivities.

Arsalan Faisal’s wedding trip culminated in Karachi, where he tied the knot with Nishat Talat. Saba Faisal, along with her family, went on a road trip to Karachi, adding a touch of adventure to the celebrations. Before the wedding, the family enjoyed the excellent services of Kashis Salon for the mehendi ceremony, ensuring a perfect blend of tradition and glamour.

As the much-awaited wedding procession unfolded, pictures of Arsalan Faisal’s sehra bandi and wedding procession took over social media, thanks to the artistry of Sista Clicks. Each image captured the essence of this momentous occasion, showcasing the couple’s glow and the joy shared by their families.