Is She the Wolf? | Official Trailer (Theme Song: “Lights” by BTS) | Netflix

In “Is She the Wolf?” the premise is simple yet intriguing. Five men and five women come together in search of true love. They get to know each other through dates and by working on a group project.

But here’s the twist: Among the women, there are some ‘lying wolves’ hiding in plain sight. These individuals are not allowed to fall in love, and their challenge is to make it to the end without being discovered or accepting anyone’s love confession.

The question looms: Is she genuinely falling for you, or could she be one of the wolves?

This reality series is set to arrive on Netflix with all the episodes on September 3, 2023. Get ready for a unique and suspenseful journey into the world of love and deception!

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Is She the Wolf? | Official Trailer (Theme Song: “Lights” by BTS)| Netflix