Kubra Khan addresses rumors about her relationship with Gauhar Rashid

Kubra Khan is one of the most beautiful, talented and sought after actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She remains in the news most of the time for some reason or the other.

Her name has often been linked with fellow actor Gauhar Rasheed, but she has always denied any intimate relationship with the co-actor.

Even in a recent interview, he was asked about his relationship with Gohar Rashid and he made it clear that any attempts to link him with Gohar will not affect him as he has been in love with her for the last eight years. Are passing through.

Kubra jokingly said, “If I ever have a relationship with Gauhar Rashid, it will be because of you guys because you guys have put a lot of pressure on me.”

He said, “The serious thing is that these rumors have no effect on me anymore. Let people say what they want.”

Referring to the religious aspect of her life, Kubra said that she does not want to share her religious activities with people. She said she would like to keep her religious activities a private matter. She said that she had sat Itakaf and had gone to perform Umrah, but she would not share these things on social media.

She said that when she went to perform Umrah, she also received some negative comments from people nearby. However, he said that one of his fans took a picture with him during the Umrah pilgrimage and shared it on social media. He said that the picture went viral.

She also said that when she completed her I’tikaf, some people actually praised her and when she returned home after performing Umrah, many people congratulated her.