Mahira Khan clarified on pregnancy rumors

Famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, widely considered the country’s top star, recently reacted to rumors of her alleged pregnancy and withdrawal from projects.
The celebrated artist, whose notable 2023 included marrying Salim Karim in a beautiful ceremony, found herself amid speculation when news of her pregnancy surfaced.
The allegations revealed that she had walked away from a Netflix series and a major film due to this alleged development.
However, Mahira had already denied these claims.
Unperturbed by the baseless rumours, Mahira once again took the opportunity to clarify the matter. She confirmed that the pregnancy rumors were unfounded, emphasizing her good health and active participation in ongoing projects.
Furthermore, she attributed these speculations to perceptions about her physical appearance, suggesting that her weight fluctuations could be misinterpreted as signs of pregnancy.
When asked about the strangest rumor she’s heard recently, the star replied, “That I’m pregnant.” He further said, “It is strange. This is just a rumour. I don’t know where it originated from. I think it’s because I have gained weight. But then he also claimed that I have backed out of a Netflix series and a big film. But this is a lie.”
In a candid moment during the interview, the usually private star opened up about her personal life, shedding light on her relationship with Salim. Mahira revealed that although she loves many aspects of her husband, there are some qualities that she finds challenging, especially his reserved behavior in expressing emotions.