Meet the Hindu woman who fasts passionately every Ramzan!

Fasting has been practiced by various cultures and religions throughout history, often with the belief that it promotes discipline, self-control, and a deeper connection with one’s inner self. However, in today’s world, fasting is more associated with Islam and Muslims than any other religion and its followers.

Neelam Gokulsing, a non-Muslim Mauritian expatriate currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), started fasting during Ramadan 2021 in Malaysia to show solidarity with her Muslim friends.

“I have a lot of Muslim friends in Malaysia, and we used to have suhoor and iftar together. For me, it was all about togetherness and understanding that part of their culture, even though I am a Hindu,” says Neelam, 26, who works in a fintech company and arrived in Dubai two years ago.

After moving to Dubai, Neelam continued her fast during Ramadan to join most of the people around her. Initially, the fast was about solidarity, but it evolved into a journey of self-discovery for him.

“This involves understanding the spiritual aspect of fasting, where individuals purify themselves and embrace related concepts. It’s like teamwork that shows you all the values ​​you can uncover about yourself.

The discipline required to maintain the fast while managing daily tasks and responsibilities has provided Neelam with valuable insights into her character.

After embracing the spirit of Ramadan, Neelam’s future goals include learning Arabic to integrate into UAE culture and society.

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