The Saint of Second Chances | Official Trailer | Netflix

Prepare for an extraordinary tale in “The Saint of Second Chances.” Meet Mike Veeck, who grew up in the shadows of his father, Bill Veeck, a legendary Hall of Fame baseball owner. The Veeck name became synonymous with both fun and controversy in professional baseball, introducing elements like giveaways, theme nights, and fireworks to ballparks. However, everything changed when Mike’s actions abruptly halted his father’s career.

Facing exile from the sport he cherished, the younger Veeck faced years of struggle, determined to climb back from rock bottom and mend his reputation. But as life took unexpected turns, a journey to reclaim the family legacy evolved into a chance to fully appreciate the bonds of family. This remarkable story is brought to life by directors Academy Award winner Morgan Neville (known for 20 Feet From Stardom) and Jeff Malmberg (creator of Marwencol). Narrated by Jeff Daniels, with Charlie Day portraying a younger Veeck, “The Saint of Second Chances” is a delightful blend of unexpected twists, heartfelt moments, and laughter, delivering a comeback narrative like no other.

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The Saint of Second Chances| Official Trailer | Netflix