Wasim Badami reacts after inviting viral sensation Shiraz to Ramadan show

Waseem Badami found himself under public scrutiny following his decision to invite Shiraz, a popular child vlogger from Gilgit Baltistan, to his Ramzan show.
During the live broadcast on Tuesday, the renowned anchorperson and host responded to the criticisms.
The invitation to Shiraz comes on the heels of Badami adding viral sensation Ahmed Shah and his brothers to their Ramadan transmission lineup. Although audiences often enjoy these performances, concerns have been raised about the potential impact the spotlight may have on young talent.
Veteran actor Mishi Khan expressed his concern on Instagram, questioning the wisdom of putting children like Shiraz under the pressure of fame and urging Badami to reconsider his choice.
In response to the criticism, Badami firmly addressed the concerns during the show. He stressed that the children featured on the show are treated like family and their well-being, including their education, is the top priority. Emphasizing the family bond, Badami compared his connection with Shiraz and the other children to spending time with them at events.
Although many appreciate the presence of children on the show, concerns about the consequences of being thrust into the spotlight and potentially excessive work hours are legitimate. Mishi reiterated these concerns on her Instagram, requesting Badami to preserve the innocence of the children and avoid putting undue pressure on them.