WATCH – Hareem Farooq’s imitation of Malaika Arora’s ‘duck walk’ leaves netizens fuming

When it comes to mimicry, no one can beat Hareem Farooq! The accomplished Pakistani actress and producer recently made headlines for copying the duck-like move of Bollywood diva, Malaika Arora.

Considered one of the most influential stars and fashion icons in the Indian entertainment world shade-shade The famous star is also known for her strange gait which often becomes the subject of trolling. When Oh, my lover The star is always busy in creating trends, her movements are no less than a trend in itself, which inspires other stars to imitate her.

Across borders, Parchi Hilarious imitation of the creator forks The star’s move created waves. Earlier, actress and model Aamna Ilyas had also given her spin on Arora Walk. However, Farooq’s imitation of Arora’s move failed to impress social media users.

Shows a video broadcast on the Internet Janan The producer was imitating Arora while his partner was shouting “Malaika ma’am, Malaika ma’am.”

Although it was intended to be humorous, netizens were not happy with Farooq’s imitation.