Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain tries to slap Ankita Lokhande, her mother reacts

Bigg Boss 17: A few days ago it seemed that Vicky Jain had tried to slap Ankita Lokhande during a heated conversation. Ankita looked surprised at that moment. Now, Ankita’s mother Vandana Pandis Lokhande has reacted to the viral moment and said that the incident was completely misunderstood. He also said that Vicky would never raise his hand as they are a ‘loving couple’.

Ankita’s mother’s reaction on the alleged slap

Ankita’s mother was asked by IndiaForum for her reaction on the incident inside the Bigg Boss house. His feedback Later posted on Instagram. He said, “That was absolutely wrong. Why do I know Vicky? He lives with me. So I know him very well. This is absolutely wrong. There was nothing like that. Because they are a very loving couple and they have got each other loving (This was completely wrong. Because I know Vicky. He lives with me. So I know them very well. This whole Kind of wrong. Nothing like that happened. They are a loving couple and they love each other very much).

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What happened to Vicky and Ankita in Bigg Boss

It all started last week in the Bigg Boss house where Vicky Jain was seen arguing with Abhishek Kumar over food items. After this, Ankita was seen trying to talk, then Vicky got irritated and tried to raise his hand on Ankita and she looked shocked for a moment. Many users reacted to the incident and criticized Vicky’s behavior in the comments.

Vicky’s mother fiercely targeted Ankita

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been arguing and fighting on different issues inside the Bigg Boss house ever since the new season started. In the first episode of November, Ankita and Vicky got a chance to interact with their mother. Vicky’s mother was angry with how she and Ankita were fighting inside the Bigg Boss house and mentioned Ankita kicking her and throwing slippers at her. “You never fought at home. Batao, Ankita pyar maar rahi hai, chappal throw rahi hai (You never fought at home. Here, Ankita is kicking him, throwing slippers at him),” she said.