Did Umair Jaswal threaten to divorce Sana Javed?

Pakistani rockstar Umair Jaswal and Sana Javed were not living together and their separation was confirmed after Sana married Shoaib Malik and the shocking revelations that followed.

Amid widespread speculation online, a Pakistani journalist made surprising claims about the separation between Khayal singer and Sana Javed.

Journalist Naeem Hanif said that Umair faced threatening phone calls to leave Sana’a and ended the marriage honorably.

Earlier, it was reported that Malik and Sana first interacted on the sets of the famous reality show and their attraction grew with time.

The magazine further claimed that Sania Mirza was aware of their alleged closeness and raised the matter with Shoaib’s family. Despite all the efforts of the family, Malik and Sania broke their relationship.

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