Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling Team Up for Ken’s Anthem in Barbie Movie

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, music producer Mark Ronson shared his immediate connection with the character of Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie, particularly the version portrayed by Ryan Gosling. Ronson was inspired to write the power ballad “I’m Just Ken” after struggling to find a Ken doll in a sea of Barbies and feeling empathy for the overlooked character.

The lyrics of the song, including the line “I’m just Ken, anywhere else I’d be a 10,” came to Ronson instantly, blending humor and a touch of emo sentiment. When Ryan Gosling heard the demo, he became a big fan and not only agreed to sing the track but also requested to perform it on-screen. Barbie director Greta Gerwig loved the ballad as well, rewriting a scene to showcase Gosling’s rendition in the film.

Ronson praised Gosling’s vocal prowess and his ability to balance the song’s emotional depth with moments of levity. The collaboration resulted in a Ken-ergetic performance that highlights Gosling’s musical talents and comedic skills. A sneak peek of the movie reveals Gosling crooning the heartfelt lines, expressing Ken’s longing for love and recognition from Barbie.

The partnership between Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling brings a catchy and memorable anthem to Ken’s character in the Barbie movie, adding depth and charm to the beloved toy’s story.

Barbie hits theaters July 21.