Meghan Markle is turning ‘media attention’ to ‘free press’ for upcoming venture

Expert claims Meghan Markle is ‘trying to have the last laugh’ as ​​she eyes career change

Meghan Markle is taking advantage of all the media attention by turning it into “free press” for her upcoming venture.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, raised eyebrows after taking part as an extra in an Instagram Reel promoting Clever Blends, a vegan coffee brand in which she has financial interests.

The former actor played a playful role in the advertisement without speaking any words. Instead, she remained engaged in humorous activities while running around in the background.

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Speaking on this matter, Kinsey Scofield told gb news, “She’s trying to turn all the media attention into free press for her coffee company.”

“She’s trying to look more cute and silly and she’s wearing $400 (£312) sunglasses and looking like someone who’s trying to be an intern,” the expert said.

“She’s going through a tough year and I think you saw Meghan as this influencer in the ad. What else is she capable of doing at this time?

“I think this is Meghan trying to have the last laugh.”