Mike Tindall ‘needs’ brother Prince William after Harry’s exit: ‘Fills the void’

Mike Tindall has proven to be the brother Prince William was looking for after Prince Harry left the UK.

Zara Tindall’s husband and Princess Anne’s son-in-law, Mike, has been a key part of the royal machinery since 2020.

Royal expert Rosa Silverman shares how he “filled a void” in the family and “has become the brother Prince William needs”

She also describes how Mike engages in daily banter with William as she recalls an incident on William’s 27th birthday.

“How’s it going bald?”, Mike asked upon meeting the birthday boy, to which Will replied “What do you mean by that, Fatty?”

Meanwhile, Palace press secretary Dickie Arbiter believes both Tindall and William are “very straightforward people” and “down to earth”.

He further added that Mike “has managed to find the line between being quite inconsiderate while also being charming enough that no one objects in the slightest. Even his high-risk turns on reality TV The Royals have ended up as an asset to: if he likes them, the public understands, they’ll be all right.”