New lawsuit of Dugged and Rapping against Bill Cosby from a Singer

Bill Cosby is facing a new legal challenge as a singer named Morganne Picard files a lawsuit against him. Picard claims that the comedian drugged and raped her during the late 1980s, using beverages that left her feeling intoxicated. The alleged incidents occurred between 1987 and 1990, including an instance where Cosby is accused of raping Picard while she was incapacitated by an unknown substance.

The lawsuit also names various entities, including Kaufman Astoria Studios, Astoria Studios LP II, the Carsey-Warner Company, and NBCUniversal, accusing them of negligence in addressing Cosby’s alleged actions. Cosby’s representative has denied the allegations, emphasizing his continued plea of not guilty. The lawsuit is filed under the Adult Survivors Act, which provides a window for victims to sue over older sexual crimes, regardless of the Statute of Limitations, with the one-year window ending in 2024.