Psychic says Meghan Markle will see ‘heartache’ with a loved one in 2024

An expert says Meghan Markle may face great sadness in the coming year.

London-based psychiatrist Nicholas Aujla says that in the coming months the Duchess of Sussex will have to endure pain from a family member, not Prince Harry.

Mr Aujula said: “I think Meghan Markle will have heartache, not with Harry, but with someone else close to her.”

He added, “Along with the royal family, I also think that royal voice recordings are going to be leaked.”

Another expert said that 2024 will be a year of possibilities and success for the Sussexes.

Entertainment expert Mark Boardman has told Express US: “Looking at a potential Hollywood return for Harry and Meghan in 2024, multi-million dollar deals for multiple book deals, owning the publishing rights to a novel and running Archewell in addition Foundation, the Sussexes are actively shaping their story and certainly aren’t waiting for something to happen.”