Sara Chaudhary reveals why she left the entertainment industry at the peak of her career

Famous former actress of Pakistani showbiz industry, Sara Chaudhary has revealed the reason behind her decision to leave the entertainment industry at the peak of her career. He cited the death of his beloved aunt as the reason for his departure.

Sara Chaudhary recently participated in Hafeez Ahmed’s podcast, where she candidly discussed her decision to move away from the entertainment industry.

The former actress said, “I started my career in showbiz in 2002 and within a few years I achieved immense fame. However, in early 2010, at the peak of my career, I decided to step away from the entertainment industry permanently. Decided to do.” ,

She further added, “My family was deeply inclined towards religion. We used to place a lot of emphasis on offering namaz and reciting the Holy Quran. Whenever I returned home from shooting, my father would always ask me how many prayers I had done. “

Sara Chaudhary further added, “Despite being a well-known celebrity, I was not allowed to stay out late or attend showbiz parties. Whenever I went to other cities for shooting, I was always accompanied by my family. There was always someone from there.”

She said, “Due to the religious atmosphere at home, I was also inclined towards religion. I used to pray to Allah to make me like those whom He likes.”

The former actress said, “I had everything in the entertainment industry – money, fame, success – but despite all these blessings, there was still an emptiness in my life that made me restless. Despite all the comforts, I Was not satisfied.”

During this time, my 38-year-old aunt suddenly passed away, which completely changed my life. At that moment I realized that life can end at any time. Many questions arose in my mind and then I decided to leave the entertainment industry.

Sara Chaudhary rose to fame with the TV drama serial “Chup” and appeared in other popular dramas including “Tere Pehlu Mein,” “Bhalla,” “Teri Ek Nazar,” “Chahat,” “Din Dhallaay,” and “Mere” Are. The one who gives language to pain.”

After moving away from the entertainment industry, she got married and later joined the Al-Huda Institute to dedicate her life to the spread of Islam.

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