Shabana Azmi’s Potential Role in ‘Masoom… The Next Generation’ Sparks Excitement

Shekhar Kapur’s iconic Bollywood debut film, ‘Masoom,’ is set to receive a sequel titled ‘Masoom… The Next Generation.’ As the director works on this much-anticipated follow-up, he recently shared a post on social media that has left fans speculating about Shabana Azmi’s potential involvement.

The original ‘Masoom,’ released in 1983, starred Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, and a talented ensemble cast. Kapur’s recent post features a picture of Azmi and reveals that she requested him to narrate the story of the sequel to her.

In his post, Kapur expressed the complexities of sharing a script and revealed his initial hesitations about discussing the sequel’s storyline with Azmi. Known for his exceptional contributions to Indian and international cinema, Kapur’s anticipation for creating another chapter in the ‘Masoom’ legacy has heightened excitement among fans.


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‘Masoom’ told the story of a family disrupted by the revelation of an illegitimate child from the past. The sequel, ‘Masoom… The Next Generation,’ aims to continue exploring poignant themes and relationships while potentially involving the original cast members in new ways.

The combination of Kapur’s visionary filmmaking and Azmi’s exceptional talent sparks hope for an enthralling sequel that pays homage to the beloved original while venturing into uncharted narrative territory.

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