‘Loving’ Garner jokes about ‘controlling’ Lopez amid Matt Damon controversy?

Ben Affleck’s ex-wife takes veiled dig at Jennifer Lopez amid Matt Damon tension

Photo Loving Garner jokes about controlling Lopez amid Matt Damon controversy?

While Matt Damon has reacted to Jennifer Lopez’s behavior with Ben Affleck, Ben’s ex-wife has given the world another reason why she is ‘better’ than Jennifer.

As fans will know, Jennifer Lopez’s “controlling” ways with her family have been criticized by Matt Damon, who co-wrote the film G.it would be nice to hunt With Ben Affleck.

According to radar onlineJennifer Lopez is causing tension between Ben Affleck and her longtime friend Matt Damon, a source close to Matt has revealed.

The tipster also claimed that the actor is not a huge fan of “Bennifer 2.0” and has some “serious reservations” about her dear friend’s wedding since Lopez and Affleck rekindled the romance.

oppenheimer The actor also feared that “history was repeating itself.”

“Because they stopped talking 20 years ago for the same reason. But Matt can’t keep quiet, even if it means alienating Ben,” the source told the outlet.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner is back in the headlines with her ‘lovely’ holiday approach.

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The American actress was recently seen in a confessional entertainment tonight,

in an interview, Daring The star detailed her holiday morning routine and why she was the ‘perfect’ mother to Ben Affleck’s three children.

The actress said throughout the meeting that contrary to Matt’s claims about Lopez, she “loves” enjoying quality time with the family.

“My whole family will be together – my sisters, my nieces, my nephews, I love them all, my brother-in-law, of course, my parents and my children. I can’t wait for it,” concluded ‘family-oriented’ Garner.

However, fans are wondering if it was meant to be a dig at Lopez, who is a target of Matt Damon.